Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Winter Classic Thoughts

  • Buffalo has the best fans in the world, especially Buffalo Sabres fans. What we did in those parking lots and at the HSBC yesterday was incredible. Win or lose it was just an amazing experience, and if nothing else at least the NHL got their dream ending with Sid the (fucking) Kid finnagling that puck past Ryan Miller for the picture perfect finish. Ah well.
  • The Winter Classic merchandise was shit. What was up with that? And why didn't the Sabres jerseys have the laces like the jerseys the team was wearing on the ice? That was pretty bogus.
  • Only 18 arrests? We are good people.
  • Kudos to all women fans who wear proper Sabres jerseys, not those godawful pink jerseys- which are affront to both women and hockey in general. Seeing all of those ladies in the Sabres blue and white (with a few red, black thrown in) made me I realize that this was really the last piece of the puzzle...
  • Yesterday proved that we are HOCKEYTOWN USA, hell maybe even HOCKEYTOWN PLANET EARTH. Look at all those WNY boys playing in the NHL. Look at the crowds we assemble to watch games in the plaza or inside on TV. Look at the tailgating and the jerseys and the chanting and the fun. We did that... and we stole HOCKEYTOWN out from under Detroit. Now we just gotta justify and earn that title as Sabres fans and as patrons of the game.
  • I Tivo'd the NBC broadcast and it was rubbish as expected. You folks who went to the HSBC and got the HD and the Rick and Harry experience must have gotten a real treat.
  • If anybody's got a VHS or DVD copy of the CBC broadcast I'd love to get it from you.

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Anonymous said...

Lets remember that the game was used to celebrate the greatness of SID THE KID and Buffalo's football stadium was used because everyone knew there would not be any NFL playoff games held at the Ralph this year...