Saturday, January 19, 2008


Word reached me yesterday that New World Records is closing and that news totally bums me out. I've loved shopping at New World for years. It became my primary music store in the late 90's when I lived in the West Side and never stopped. I got into Wilco, Bloc Party and Interpol with the help of New World's listening stations, and I always loved the swag and kitchy knick-knacks they sold- especially the Jesus action figures (the black Jesus was my personal favorite). Plus the employees were nice, knowledgeble, and they didn't stink... unlike the folks who work over at Record Theater. I love RT's selection, and the prices are competitive with the big boxes, but the employees occasionally wreak of something (for the ladies it's BO, the dudes it's mostly like they've got a load in their trousers), and that gets in the way of a good consumer experience. I'll start getting my goodbye to New World in order. We've still got a few months.

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