Saturday, January 19, 2008

Additional Notes on Cloverfield

  • That movie kicked my ass so hard that the trailers seem like they were viewed a lifetime ago. The only trailers that stand out at this point are the one for that atrocious looking teen dance movie ("let's form a crew and take it to the street!"), Iron Man, and the one for Star Trek.
  • The trailer I posted for Star Trek a few days ago is NOT the actual trailer for Star Trek. The actual trailer is WAAAAY cooler than that bullshit. The footage of the Enterprise under construction, with those tiny computer animated people welding it together like in a WWII newsreel is awe inspiring. Shame on me for posting that other happy horseshit.
  • Further kudos to the filmmakers of Cloverfield for their use of Kings of Leon, Gorillaz, and Spoon during the hipster shindig that kicks off the movie before the shit hits the fan.
  • The popcorn at the Elmwood Regal is officially shit. And the pop is always flat.
  • That big banner for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is pretty cool, but seeing a trailer for said movie would've been even cooler.

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