Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Path to Destruction

This is truly the heart of darkness for Sabres fans. The team is moribund. Nobody sees a trade anywhere and the free agency market doesn't look like it holds any hope for the Sabres. The fans are depressed and nobody seems to see any way out of this death spiral. And now the Flying Tomato has called an end to negotiations until after the season (and we know what that means). Who do we blame for this sorry situation? I'm not sure it's Lindy. Maybe it's the low profile of late Tom Golisano, who's got his money and is running. The question that I've been hearing posed lately in a variety of circles has been "is Larry Quinn on his path to destruction AGAIN?"

That's a damn good question considering Quinn does have a pedigree for this sort of thing. One thing's for sure- answers are in short supply in Hockeytown, and Hockeytown ain't gonna be amused for much longer.

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