Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Height of Rudeness

Some longtime readers might have noticed that I have a minor obsession with rudeness and manners.* This probably comes from being told by my grandparents and parents that whenever I ate over at Grandma and Grandpa's house their neighbor Mrs. Quill was watching and taking note of my manners. We'd (my brothers and I) frequently hear "Mrs. Quill is watching" and "what would Mrs. Quill think?" and wow did that put the whammy on us. Now I never saw any of these reports, and to be honest I never actually saw Mrs. Quill spying on us while we ate, but hey, if you hear that enough times it's bound to damage you eventually. That's why I almost had a heart attack from laughter when Jermain Clement referred to his abandonment to his fate at the hands of street toughs by his fleeting buddy Brett McKenzie in one episode of Flight of the Conchords as "the height of rudeness." The whole set up and exchange was brilliant, with those brilliant New Zealand deadpans. Goddamn that hurt.

I wanted to wait to weigh in on Flight of the Conchords until I'd finished the DVDs but that near death experience deserved mention now. The show is fucking hilarious. Those dudes are hilarious. Their funny songs are hilarious and well done, and I love pretty much everything about the show.

More to come later.

* This is not that shitty pointing out of other people's transgressions (although that's fun too sometimes). That's shit. I'm talking about the "please's" and the "thank you's," using the right utensils and waiting for everybody to be served before dogging that dessert. Following (almost) every burp or fart with a sincere "excuse me." Those sort of things.

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