Thursday, January 17, 2008

Nice Try

Oh you clever Buffalo Sabres webmasters... trying to hoodwink the fans with that "When Is A Losing Streak Not A Losing Streak" harggle barggle. The only confusion I see is who we get to blame for this sorry fiasco as we watch the playoffs starting to get further and further away from, and that's starting to clear up the more we talk it up here in Hockeytown. The fact is our defense sucks ass, has sucked for a few years, and our front office has not been quick or responsive about fixing this glaring fact. This wasn't an issue when the Sabres played well and scored a shitload of goals, but because our front office pissed away our leadership core we don't have that this year and it's all showing BIG TIME. And now we have the Flying Tomato putting the kibosh on further negotiations until after the season to look at, and the fact that nobody seems to have an answers for halting this helacious skid and righting the ship. At first I thought it might be Regier, but when it becomes more and more apparent that the front office has been coasting on their post lockout (near) succeses you have to look further up at who's paying the bills and who's making the hockey decisions. Hockeytown doesn't need statisticians telling us that this not that bad when the playoffs are slipping away. Hockeytown wants good hockey. Good Sabres hockey.

Don't fuck with Hockeytown.


Brendan said...

I am clinging desperately to my pre-season "You can't Panic until..." prediction that if we're over .500 at the all-star break, we'll be in good position to make a run at the playoffs. That's starting to look like a mighty thin line to cling to though.

The Dude said...

It's all we've got brother... it's all we've got.