Saturday, January 12, 2008

What It Is All About

Kudos to Channel 2's coverage of tonight's Sabres game that accentuated the positive (2 points of out a playoff spot) and seemed to encourage fans to get behind the team in this time of need. Goddamn! That's what being a Hockeytown is all about. Sure the media gives the team a lot of stick, sometimes deserved and sometimes totally not; that's exactly what the media is supposed to do in a Hockeytown. But the media in a Hockeytown also gets the fans riled up for the team by stoking the fires and focusing some of our community mojo on the team, and Channel 2 did that nicely. Tonight is a big game. It's a big game for the team but it's also a big game for the fans and we've got to do our part. Watch. Root. Pray to whatever diety to pray to. And hope that the Sabres can snap this streak before a hungry home crowd. Let's go Sabres.

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