Friday, January 25, 2008

Amy Winehouse SMOKE CRACK 18.1.2008

The best part is that she looks at the videocamera... repeatedly... before and during the act of smoking her crack rock (or is that crackrock? crack-rock?). This is actually more pathetic than I thought.

Ordinarily I'd say "maybe if we ignore her obvious pleas for attention she'll leave us alone" but frankly Amy Winehouse is too hilarious for that. And a lightweight to boot. I mean... come on now... she really hasn't been on the scene all that long and already she's in full MELTDOWN / PLEASE ARREST ME NOW mode. It's like she's one of those college freshmen who talks a bunch of shit before the first big college party of the year about being all "hardcore" but ends up puking their guts up over the back of a moving pick up truck at the end of the night. Pathetic.

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