Thursday, January 03, 2008


Yeah I know I already plunked some loot down for the digital download of Radiohead's In Rainbows a few months ago, but you know I had to pick up a REAL copy when it came out and of course I got it Wednesday at my earliest opportunity (Tuesday was out of the question) and hot damn was it worth it all. It's what I said to the New World Records guy when I got it... "I gotta have my HI-FI because that mp3 shit just doesn't cut it" you have to have those highs and lows and that clarity and depth. You gotta feel it in your gut! My cheesy cdr of the album that got me by was ok, but this album is much much better now that there's something tangible involved- from the band to me via the exchange of commerce and luchre. The New World Records guy suggested that it's perhaps because we're programmed to want to have the thing, and there's a good chance that he's right, but I also like that classic transaction of the band selling me their art and me taking it home to enjoy (or not, but that was not the case here) as is my wont. Remember folks, all those bits and bytes aren't REAL. Mp3's are just files... shit... files... my computer has files... shit... it's all shit. It's not art. It's not a cool piece of art like a cool cd. But I digress. In Rainbows is an amazing album. And certainly the Radiohead album I have enjoyed the most. Beautiful and sharp, a real piece of musicmanship and earnestness. I've always valued Yorke's presence, voice and lyrics and the prodigious talent of Jonny Greenwood... but on In Rainbows it's all about Phil Selway's jazzy drumming, Colin Greenwood's funky and spacious bass work, and Ed O'Brien's assured backing vocals that really bring it all together- I think for the first time since OK Computer.

Man, I can't wait to see Radiohead this spring, or sooner. Hopefully not in Toronto- that exchange rate is a real kick in the trousers (although I will go if I must).

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