Thursday, January 17, 2008

Notes... on Jools Holland

  • Interpol really represents us well internationally as a nation.
  • Jools really screwed over Paul Weller and Sigur Ros in favor of Santana the other day. Santana was good, but his three songs (plus chat!) was excessive considering Paul Weller was really cranking and Sigur Ros brought all those people from Iceland to play on the show.
  • Sigur Ros was also totally amazing, and blew everybody away with their one song on the show. I definitely need to see them live. ASAP.
  • Coldplay kind of sucks. They're trying hard, and the go through the motions well enough, but their songs are largely shite. They had two good songs on the first album, and two good songs on the second album. The rest are all garbage.
  • Sheryl Crow is boring.
  • I still really cannot believe that FUSE is showing Later... With Jools Holland. It can't possibly last.

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