Thursday, January 03, 2008

Odds and Sods

  • I still don't think I've fully recovered from The Winter Classic. It was OFF THE HOOK, I'm telling you. Anyway, I highly recommend BFLO Blog's excellent and comprehensive WC coverage for the real man on the street (or should I say parking lot and bleachers) shit that provide a fresh and honest appraisal of the event. Essential stuff.
  • Letterman was great last night, and yes, he did look like Yosemite Sam. All of that WGA solidarity shit was much appreciated (the striking writer Top Ten List was jim dandy), and I stand by my declaration that Dave is a MAN OF THE PEOPLE. A HERO OF THE PROLETARIAT.
  • I really hope MSNBC keeps that foxy Kelly O'Donnell on the Huckabee beat.
  • Guiliani is OUT. He's bailing. Kaput. He knows he is doomed and he's throwing the game with that cockamamie no Iowa/New Hampshire strategy so he can get OUT while the getting is ok.. just like in 2000 when he faced certain doom at the hands of Hillary Clinton. Ah well Rudy... ADIOS MUCHACHO!
  • Obama just clobbered Hillary Clinton in Iowa. I think I'm going to sleep like the dead... the sleep of the just... knowing that inevitability is dead tonight in Iowa. Still, it is entirely too soon to say ADIOS MUCHACHA.
  • Huckabee just clobbered Mitt Romney by double digits.* If you outspend your opponent 20 to 1 and lose by double digits you sir are TOAST. DONE. ADIOS MUCHACHO!

* OK, so it ended up being 9 points. Still... ADIOS MUCHACHO.

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