Thursday, January 17, 2008

Random Notes on Stuff

  • VH1 really has done the clip show thing to death with the scrubby talking heads struggling to be funny. Having spotty looking non-funny people riffing on beautiful women just doesn't work, and the dude talking heads are starting to look spotty and pervy.
  • Why don't the entertainment companies get it right and put out DVDs of their TV shows at least a month (I'd even take 3 weeks) before they start showing new seasons of those shows? I just don't get it.
  • I'm jealous of Buffalo Bruce Springsteen fans who get 3 chances to see the Boss in one week at the beginning of March. I'm a punter and thus only going to the Friday March 7 show at the HSBC, but the die hards get a show in Hamilton (1 hour north) on Monday and Rochester (1 hour east) on Thursday, and that's pretty fucking awesome for them.
  • Netflix is still the best, but there's no availability date for those Carl Sagan Cosmos DVDs and that sucks. Work with me here.
  • I still cannot get Radiohead's In Rainbows out of the cd player for long two weeks after it's release. According to reports the band is playing both Toronto and Cleveland this spring, which means I'll be trucking up to the TO in the middle of the week some week in a few months. Ah well.

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