Sunday, January 27, 2008

Seriously, I hate talking about politics on this here pop culture blog. I did want to try to limit any politics to any pop cultural tidbits coming out of the 2008 campaign, but I can't even do that right now. I just want the Clintons to go away. Not totally away- I'll gladly vote for Hillary for Senate forever, and I am proud that they are adopted New Yorkers. But Billary has to go, and their dirty shenangans * with them. Watching Pat Buchanan prop up and give props to Billary on MSNBC alone is proof positive that theirs is the road to ruin in 2008, and there is just too much at stake to go there.

* And it's not the negativity- it's the dirty shenanigans being employed against a fellow Democrat in the primaries that's not doing it for me (and apparently many others). And yes, the Lee Atwater shoe does fit on this one. Sorry.

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