Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Iowa Caucuses are Turning Me On

I ain't lying, hitting the reload button (rhythmically) and enjoying the changing returns numbers over at the Politico is HOT HOT HOT, and I'll tell you what- the bigtime turnout means people are hungry... HONGRY for change... for democracy, and that is ultra hot. Goddamn it's all very exciting, and even a bit weird looking at that big GOOSEEGG next to Romney. Intense. Hot damn. YES. And Edwards is looking good tonight... his number I mean. It's early but YES. And with Obama looking alive in third that Edward/Obama dream ticket is still possible. GODDAMN!

Countdown was also HOT HOT HOT tonight. I love how he mocked the whole insane Iowa process while praising it, and I love how he mocked out Lou Dobbs for waltzing into a Hillary Clinton suckerpunch to the tune of U2's "Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses?". Strong words there Keith. I also have to get that book of his. I also liked how Countdown's campaign pic of Fred Thompson looked like an opening credit shot for Law & Order. And his numbers are sort of freaky. Ah... and there's Romney... alive and well in second at last.

2008 is off and running. Booyah.

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