Monday, January 21, 2008


Let's face it people. The Sabres suck. They've got nothing. They have no answers, no spark, no shit. Right on schedule the Sabres have become gormless and piss poor and it's time for some people to own up to their shit and bite the big one. I'm talking about the front office that's been coasting on near glory instead of taking steps to keep the team competitive, and in the end there is no excuse. I bought the line "we're not making any changes" after that magical season coming out of the lockout, but after losing Drury and Briere to... to not shore up a glaringly suspect defence, well, that's just shit. At this point Tommy Boy and Larry* ought to schedule that press conference where they get up and say "whoops! We're sorry! We'll do better for next season... promise."

Face it boys, you took your eyes off of the ball and this season we are sucking as a result of it. Suck it up, fess up, and get your shit together. Let's go Sabres.

* Message to a not entirely blameless Darcy Regier: Darcy, you're starting to coast dude. Ditch the rose colored glasses. Your defence totally sucks.

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