Thursday, January 03, 2008

  • Edwards gets props for the vintage U2 music intro music at his Caucus night rally. "Pride In The Name Of Love" is always nice, as was the Bruce Springsteen "The Rising" outro. All very symbolic and earnest. Very nice. But Barack Obama gets bigger props for using newer U2 at his wingding. I'd almost say "City of Blinding Lights almost soared. Very tasteful.
  • How about all of those luminaries they corralled for the Hillary third place speech? Yikes. I also loved how the Clinton camp recalibrated so sharply in the span of a couple of hours. You gotta love that shit, and I wish I could have been a fly on that wall for those discussions.
  • But Hillary overplayed the "Republicans who've seen the light" crack. We know we've got that card in our pocket, but we have to save that shit for the right time, and this isn't it.
  • I have to Netflix Primary Colors.
  • Chuck Norris onstage right behind Mike Huckabee is classic. That just about sums it up right there. History was made tonight in more ways than one.

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