Thursday, January 31, 2008

That 90's Show

From this week's Simpsons, in which we learned about Marge's Howard Zinn reading college years and Homer's days as a grunge rocker:

Marge: Homie, I got caught up in the world of college so much that I forgot how important you love was. Can you find it in your heart to take me back?

Homer: Of course. The thing that stood between us, the 90’s, are almost over.

Marge: You’re right, but I’m worried about what’s on the horizon. Reality shows, Britney Spears, the suspicious number of homeruns being hit.

Homer: At least we know there will never be a President worse than Bill Clinton. Imagine, lying in a deposition in a civil lawsuit. That’s the worst sin a President could commit.

Marge: There will never be a worse President. Never.

Homer: Never!

Homer voiceover: With the 90’s drawing to a close and the Sydney Olympics to look forward to our love rekindled.

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