Thursday, March 13, 2008

Who is Ashleigh Banfield? Watching her talk about the legal aspects of the Spitzer Thing on CNN this morning made my morning. Kudos to you Ashleigh for those fine black leather @#$%boots. Ha cha cha.


gail said...

Ashleigh used to be with MSNBC and was actually on the streets when the twin towers came down. She had some kind of falling out with the network and took a lot of time off d/t PTSD. She has been with court tv for a long time - must be doing some stuff with cnn now. She has always been solid.

The Dude said...

Her taste in boots is solid too. I know I sound like a pig but I can't help myself. Would it make it better if I mentioned that I found her reportage insightful? That I agree wholeheartedly that contestents 1-8 are sweating silver bullets? Probably not. I am a pig. But by golly those boots were jim dandy.