Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Memo to 97 Rock

Word on the street has it that Reverend Al Sharpton is going to be on the 97 Rock morning show and in the name of all that is holy somebody has to cancel that pronto. Call in sick... pretend that 97 Rock has gone under... something... anything... to prevent that interview from happening. Why? Because I listened in to the Snorton Norton and crew discuss race in Buffalo this morning and nothing good could possibly come from those people having that discussion with Al Sharpton. And I ain't joking. Imagine the outbreak of foot in mouth disease that broke out this morning in the 97 Rock studios without the Revernd present- times a thousand.

It's bad enough I live in one of the most segregated communities in the US. I don't want to live in one of the most racist. Stop the madness. Stop the presses. Abort this mission... please. Our region doesn't need that rap in the least.

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