Saturday, March 22, 2008


  • The bad news: Kristen Davis ex boyfriend from way back sold some smutty pictures of them en flagrante to the Internet. That's just wrong, low, and downright ungallant. The good news: they are great.
  • I used to think Bill Clinton was smooth. Nice. A sharp operator with impeccable game. But that was before this year's model decided to roll the dice with that already somewhat dodgy legacy of his. And now they're saying he's like Joltin' and Revoltin' ' "Joe McCarthy?" Dude, The Dude recommends taking a time out to build some houses or officiate a third world election with Jimmy Carter, or, if that's not flash enough for you, hang out with Bono.
  • Sorry Keith Olberman, but sports and politics go together like fried chicken and gravy.
  • The Dude is officially not down with the summer Olympics, and will be boycotting this year's games in China, which is currently mowing down Tibetan folks in the streets.

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