Monday, March 24, 2008


The new Gnarls Barkley disc The Odd Couple is nice. There's no standout cuts like "Crazy" this time around, but let's be real here: that was a once in a lifetime cut and one of the best pop songs ever and that probably wasn't going to happen again like that anyway. But The Odd Couple delights for all the same reasons as the improbably brilliant St Elsewhere- it's sonically sweet and dense no matter what style or groove is on display; the lyrics are sharp, relevant, funny, and occasionally universal; and Ceelo Brown no question has one of the greatest soul voices ever. He's Curtis Mayfield. He's Al Green (not the Reverend Al Green... not yet). And sonic architect Danger Mouse is as sonically daring and brilliant as Os Mutantes- all within the context of the 3 minute pop song. It's magical shit that gets you coming and going, and it's going to be in my cd player a lot.

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