Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Update

  • 3 things forced me to quit playing Dungeons & Dragons after a few years: 1) Advanced Dungeons & Dragons was weird, almost totally fucked up in fact; 2) weirdos starting acting out D&D for real, ending with somebody, or a bunch of somebody's dead- a scene I had affinity for or desire to be associated with; and 3) that's a one way ticket to Dingleberry Town. I put my time in like everybody else, but that's about it. Still, the late Gary Gygax (what a cool name) deserves kudos for creating D&D, and all of the other BS that's followed in it's wake.
  • Rolling Stone has a new editor's blog and it's first post is spot fucking on. VH1 is totally fucking over old school hip hop (the only hip hop worth getting worked over), and it's gotta stop.
  • Raph Fienes has not yet signed on to play Voldemort in the Deathly Hallows movie (which might be a two parter...). WTF is that about?
  • The announcers for NHL game on VS are total, complete, and utter scrubs. That's not so much news as a fact you can take to the bank.

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