Saturday, March 01, 2008

(In my best Batman announcer voice) What's This?

But wait! Do not give in to fear and despair! Here is some absolutely true wisdom on the subject of "fear vs. hope!"

Hey now! There's the guy I voted for twice. Hear hear (or is it here here?) Brother Bill. Unfortunately, one does have to wonder what's happened between then and now....

Courtesy of the Real Deal Liberal Democrat Council, Politico, and that wonder of wonders, YouTube.

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gail said...

This exemplifies the poor quality of HRC's campaign. Before you make an ad research the point so nothing comes back to bite you. Also, before you accuse Obama of using Rove tactics, don't follow-up with fear mongering Rove tactics of your own. Rove has been out making fear and patriotism comments on Fox et el all week.