Monday, March 24, 2008

I finally got around to watching last Friday's Newsnight and man alive, I wasn't amused at all watching Richard Perle, one of the brightest of the bright lights of the neoconservative movement, get skewered by the BBC's Jeremy Paxson. No, instead I was just embarrassed to be an American... watching Perle absolutely babble proven nonsense and then make statements that required immediate backtracking, the very epitome of cognitive dissonance.... no folks, this was actually something of a dispiriting exercise. I mean, neoconservativsm is the reigning political and economic ideology of the United States of America, and that was sad... and that sort of makes me sad. Thankfully I inflicted Newsnight on myself before the glorious macho frivolity Top Gear, so I won't be too sad for too long. Actually my sadness is fading away now that Jeremy Paxson is verbally clubbing a grubby swine over the Diana inquest. Now that's what I call journalism.

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