Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Morning Tidbits


  • Kudos to Reliable Sources' Harvey Kurtz for his salvo at MSNBC and Keith Olbermann in the ongoing CNN/MSNBC donneybrook over Maria Milito's crack about "pimps not sharing hoes" the other night on Countdown. Very classy and sharpHowie. And for my part though I hope that Keith doesn't pull a Samantha Power on Maria because I think her weekly American Idol updates are great for water cooler talking points.
  • I am probably a bad person for not talking about the war more on this blog. God knows I've blogged about the war, but the war makes me angry, and depressed, and I guess I didn't want to share that here. The reality? I've given up. I follow the war in the alternative media, but the reality is it ain't ending until this guy is out of office, and that's that. We had our shot in 2004, and we blew it.
  • This week's Frank Rich is right on the number.
  • But it's not all serious. I shoehorned in last night's Torchwood and yikes. Freaky. Circuses and freaks always freak me out, and last night's evil soul stealing circus.... yeeaaarrggghh. 3 new episodes left... until new Doctor Who and Sarah Jane Adventures at the end of April.
  • Is hope alive for the Sabres? I don't even know anymore at this point. But I will be watching the last HD broadcast of the year, and who knows, maybe my mother will win a player jersey at Fan Appreciate Night. The Sabres should at least do her that courtesy.

Go Sabres.

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