Sunday, March 09, 2008


Marge puts Homer on a cockamamie diet because Homer has lost his mojo in the sack, Homer cheats on his diet in spectacular fashion, Marge calls Cheaters to catch Homer cheating on his diet, Bart and Lisa conspire to cover up the (near) murder of Martin Prince- a (near) murder solved by Nelson Muntz (I'm totally at a loss for the 70's teevee show they were spoofing), and Maggie has a Internet poker problem. Yes, this week's Simpsons was a classic, and I suspect a commentary on the darker secrets that have become emblematic of modern American life in this insane 24 hour age.

And yes Nascar did not fuck up my Tivo-ing of this week's Simpsons like it did last week. I even added extra time to the program to account for Nascar overage. I hate Nascar.

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