Saturday, March 29, 2008

Ales Kotalik is a Bum

I posted this on BFLO Blog in a right state this morning. It pretty much sums up my feelings about the game last night.

I was at the game Tuesday and even I can’t hang last night on Ryan Miller.
My blame goes to Kotalik for taking that lazy and stupid penalty with 3.5
minutes left against the #1 power play in the league. That 3-1 lead was
precarious as hell, and taking a needless and pisspoor like that teed up
Montreal for that pivotal second goal that swung the game back the other way
right in time for the Habs to pull their goalie for the last few minutes. A
month or so ago it would have been Lydman taking the killer third period
penalty, but last night it was Kotalik the lazy, Kotalik the heartless and
gutless. It’s all Kotalik folks. Fucking Kotalik.

That said however, Miller does hit his knees faster than Monica
Lewinsky, almost as a reflex, and that’s ain’t helping either.

In my opinion a true hockey fan can't hate on the Sabres for last night's game. They played a solid game, they kept the pressure up the entire third period and didn't let up, and they got the game down to the 2.5 minute mark before it all went sour because of a lameass Ales Kotalik penalty. That second goal was the swinger, and with a pulled goalie they had us right where they wanted us for those last few minutes. The Sabres were doomed.

But hope is apparently still alive.

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