Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Political Odds and Sods

  • Geraldine Ferraro has thrown herself upon her sword at last... if anything else to (try to) avoid the lambasting she and the Clinton campaign will be getting on tonight's Countdown. Also, let's be fair to Gerrie, of course she's not a racist... she's just somebody willing to cynically play the race card. There is a difference. But alas she is still a foul ball and that's dirty baseball.
  • I am really looking forward to tonight's Countdown. A Special Comment aimed at the HRC campaign Death Star?!? That ought to be something.
  • Yes the Spitzer Gotterdammerung is many things: a tragedy, a betrayal, sad, a farce, the height of either madness or arrogance, a mass betrayal of all who supported the "Mr. Clean" who was supposed to be President eventually ( as almost a foregone conclusion), pathetic, disgraceful... oh I could go on and on for days. But, all things being equal, that hooker is one fine piece of ass. She's also a U2 fan, and you gotta respect that.
  • And hey, at least you can tell that Spitzer is a Democrat: he got caught with a (good lookin') woman. If he was a Republican it'd be some airport men's room hanky panky or some such thing.
  • Mary Anne has been caught up in the justice. It really makes you wonder where the Professor is in all of this....

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