Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tough Weekend

Posting this weekend is on the light side due to the four day St. Patrick's Day revelries, but I needed to:

  • Give a shout out to Buffalo for seemingly making St. Patrick's Day a four day revelry, or if you want to be specific and only count Friday night, 3 and a half day revelry. And we've got snow today for the parade! I almost feel bad for the Irish girls from all of the Irish Dancing schools dancing about in the colorful dresses and curly wigs... almost. Somebody has to dance the jig for us. Thanks girls.
  • Salute the Sabres for winning another must win game. They are still in it baby.
  • Freak you people out with a CONSPIRACY THEORY that isn't crazy at all.
  • Right an ommision- I almost forgot to say that the take out food from Lagniappes (883-FOOD) on Allen is worth the trip to Allentown just to get the food. Pure New Orleans goodness through and through: the gumbo is real, the BBQ shrimp po'boy is not for those observing Lent (the bacon wrapped shrimp almost compelled me to go to church and confess my sins), the authentic and magnificent jambalaya burns sweetly in your tummy for hours, and the blackened catfish po'boy is jim dandy. It's also a cool little spot. The Dude recommends it highly.
  • Give an even bigger shout out to Nelson Starr and crew for Nelson's ode to Buffalo and Anthony Bourdain. Even though I do have to quibble with the statement that we are "humbly without pretension*" (if only that were totally true), the gist of the piece is absolutely correct and conveyed perfectly. Dave Attell missed his chance to kick it out in Buffalo... let's hope that Bourdain doesn't make the same mistake.

Happy St. Patrick's Day people! Now let's everybody git down!

* Please note, I am not calling Nelson pretentious. I have never, ever seen him in a poofy shirt.

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