Saturday, March 15, 2008

OK, hope is alive for the Sabres. Last night's game was indeed convincing enough that I believe they can actually get into the playoffs. They might be backing their way into the playoffs, and or stepping over the carasses of other teams, but it can be done. I believe. For now.

Special kudos have to go out to the fans at the game last night. From the fans with the big PLEASE DON'T QUIT ON US sign tapped to the wall to the fans who clapped and chanted and urged the team to keep scoring goals (to gaurantee their win and help our mental health)... we did our part, and the team did their's. It was all good folks, all good. I just wish I had Eliot Spitzer's money because I'd love to head north up to the TO with the gang and score some tickets off of some scalpers because tonight's game is titanic, another must win game....


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