Monday, March 31, 2008

My XBOX 360 Is A Piece of Crap

Two repairs for the ballyhooed red ring of death... and now Microsoft sends my XBOX 360 back to me with a power supply that doesn't match my console and thus doesn't fit? Thanks for checking that out before you shipped it back to me. Jebus H. Christmas. What a fucking fiasco.

6+ years of perfect service from my old yet trusty PS2.

15 months, 2 repairs and a total cock up, for my pisspoor XBOX 360.

That's 2 months in the shop out of the 15 months I've owned it, plus another 2-3 (which equals 4) weeks to get a new power supply out to me. Thanks for nuthin' Bill Gates.

I wouldn't recommend an XBOX 360 to my worst enemy.

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