Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sunday Odds and Sods

  • Happy Easter.
  • This week's Torchwood was brilliant: sex, violence, conflict, maneating aliens, humor, a wedding- it had it all. God Torchwood is such a good show.
  • The new Gnarls Barkley disc is awesome. More to come later.
  • The Dude dissects the obvious appeal of Lonelygirl15's exploits on YouTube: her cans.
  • I gotta admit it folks, I did think that it was cool that Cafe Aroma came in dead last in yesterday's Buffalo News coffee judging. Yes, the most ludicrously pretentious coffee joint in Buffalo also serves the lamest coffee in Buffalo. A coincidence? Probably not.*
  • You know what the worst part of all this divisiveness among the Democratic party, in addition to the fact that it might well give the GOP the keys to the car for a third consecutive term? The fact that win or lose you know it's gonna fall to Barack Obama to (try) to unite and save the party. Yes, the guy on the receiving end of all this divisive BS, the chap playing far more defense than offense over this divisive BS, is gonna have to (try to) save the bloody day with his much maligned (by his opponent) pretty talk. Now does that qualify as irony, or is that the height of cynicism?
  • It is waaaaay past time for activist Democrats to check themselves, and to ask themselves "WHAT EXACTLY AM I DOING?" Seriously. It's time.
  • I used that Frank Rich link twice on purpose.

*I'm sorry, but I am gonna nurse that grudge against Cafe Aroma. I mean, what's the point of even showing World Cup matches if you can't get in the place because half of the seats are taken by the backpacks and tote bags of the wankers clogging up the joint?

And those wankers weren't even watching the matches!

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