Friday, February 08, 2008

Sabres Notes 2/8

  • That game tonight was a fucking disgrace. Giving up a two goal lead. Shit.
  • The following players failed to succesfully handle the puck at any point in the game tonight: Pominville, Ryan, Lydman.
  • The following players limited themselves to one or two decent shifts all night: Vanek, Campbell, Spacek, Roy, Stafford.
  • I don't care what anybody says- Brian Campbell is Captain Giveaway. The dude is a sive.
  • The only player who earned his keep was Ryan Miller, who has every right to be disappointed as hell.
  • I was thinking about getting "RUFF" and "22" put on my jersey, but that's been put on hold after watching the Sabres go 18 minutes in the third period without getting a shot. What third period was he watching? Jebus H. Christmas. It's not like you need to call a time-out to tell the fellas to "shoot the fucking puck!" The guy must have spaced out like the rest everybody else on the Sabres bench. Oh Obi-Wan Ruff.... what happened man? Yikes.
  • That Vanek third period cock up was classic. You know the one I'm talking about.... when he skated in on that two on one on the power play backwards, passed the puck out of the zone, and then proceeded to fall on his ass behind the Boston goal. Like I said... classic.
  • Lydman is a total headcase. I don't care if he scored a goal the other night, the guy has gone to pieces.
  • The song they played for the "opening credits" was great. It sounded Springsteen-esque, but it also sounded local. Intriguing.
  • The Robey/Golisano "interview" bit seemed like an obvious public relations maneuver. Watching that tripe on the HD Jumbotron one could almost feel the sunshine getting blown up yer ass. Public relations is not what this situation requires.
  • If the Robey/Golisano "interview bit" was an actual live interview I stand corrected. It wasn't my fault though folks- the bit looked totally rehearsed. Preposterously rehearsed.
  • Seeing all those Sabres fans in their jerseys is always a thrill.
  • That point we pissed away is probably going to haunt us in the end.

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