Sunday, February 24, 2008

Reality Checks 2/24

  • Ronan Tynan should be banned from singing at HSBC Arena before Sabres games. They even tried having Doug Allen sing the National Anthem beforehand and still Tynan's bad juju won out. I'm sorry chief- you're a nice guy and all but Ronan you are poison to us. Poison.
  • What the fuck is SNL doing getting a honky to play Obama? What's next? Blackface? How using CGI to suitably darken honky Fred Armisen? Jebus.
  • The only folks as removed from reality as a Republican voter discussing current events is a die hard Hillary supporter discussing why Hillary's campaign is at death's door. Fogetaboutit Hillary supporters, you've been done jive and been on the wrong end of a hoodwink. Read Frank Rich's latest column and wake up from the dream. You will feel better when you do.
  • Bill O'Reilly really does need to disappear after his lynching crack about Michelle Obama. After all of that shit about Tiger Woods there's just no fucking excuse for that shit. At the very least the guy is a total fucking nimrod... at the very least. And that goes double for his audience.
  • Colter Bay really is the lamest bar in Buffalo. In addition to being an elbow-a-rama and a total sausage bar (1 female for every 10 males) you got guys in poofy shirts and Vidal Sasoon haircuts (you know, those fancy haircuts with the hair brushed and moosed against the grain... you know- like Mr. Spock from Star Trek but without the precision trim*). Poofy shirts and Vidal Sasoon Mr. Spock haircuts? In Buffalo? For real? Not on my watch... hence Colter Bay is the lamest bar in Buffalo.

* Because to be honest I think that look works for the stoic and logical Vulcans.

And, it's fucking Star Trek- not a bar in Buffalo.

UPDATE: I just saw a clip of Armisen as Obama on CNN's Reliable Sources and Jebus H. Christmas they came pretty damn close to using blackface. What. The. Fuck. Yikes!

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