Thursday, February 14, 2008

Odds and Sods

  • It's been a busy week and I apologize for not posting near enough as I should have. A thousand apologies.
  • Holy shit the Sabres in 7th place and climbing. Millertime is back, Connolly is our Deco, Kaleta is a magnificent bastard, Vanek is finding it right on time, Ruff is a god, and in the studio Robey is brilliant when left to his own devices when paired with Kevin Sylvester during the intermissions. His bit last night about how Nolan Pratt has improved Kalinan's game was almost existentially brilliant with it's lofty, vague probity. I'd even classify it as esoteric. Keep up the good work- all of you!
  • Razor is also a magnificent contributor to the otherwise shoddy MSG broadcast. One feels that we're learning a lot about the nuts and bolts AND finer points of the game, and are better fans for it.
  • The parents bought the family tickets to To Kill a Mockingbird at Studio Arena Tuesday night and it is good. I was genuinely moved. I missed the best Sabres game of the season so far... but it was good. More on that eventually.
  • Did you get a shiver when you watched that INDY IV trailer? I did.
  • The Writer's Strike is OVER. The Daily Show is back, and I almost wept when I watched it for the first time in over three months. And The Office is back April 10. It's all good.
  • And how about The Police with Elvis (Fucking) Costello at the HSBC in May? The Police by themselves might not have been a shoo in, but with Elvis it's a must (if he brings The Attractions I will shit myself).
  • Hey now... Todd a few week's back, Bruce in March, The Police and Elvis in May... 2008 is looking good for live rock in WNY. How about them apples?


BurdGirl said...

Hey Dude, the husband and I just went to see To Kill a Mockingbird last night at Studio Arena and it was great! We both really loved it - glad to see it mentioned here on this fine blog you have here! :)

gail said...

I've been going to Studio Arena since I was in college and it is very saddening to hear that it may not make it financially. That will be a loss to this cities fine theater district.