Saturday, February 09, 2008

Overly Profuse

Watching MSNBC fall over themselves to apologize to the Clintonland over the David Schuster crack about Chelsea possibly being "pimped out" by Ma and Pa struck me as something right out of a Monty Python sketch (that may or may not actually exist) about Englishmen trying out apologize each other.

Englishman #1: Dreadfully, dreadfully sorry old chap.

Englishman #2: No no no my good man. It is I who should apologize. A thousand humble apologies.

Englishman #1: Well that's jolly good of you but it's I is who truly, truly sorry. Terribly, frightfully sorry.

Bloody absurd. Wait.... I think I'm having a 90's flashback... yes... I am... there it is.... the Clinton White House has justifiably got their britches bound up over a crack made in the ether about teenager Chelsea... good times good times... no... wait... it's over. Back to present day reality. It might not have been the best chosen crack but hey now, she's a grown woman. Hell, she's playing the game for Jebus's sake. This makes her fair game and if Chelsea is that cheesed off over said flap than Chelsea should get out there and kick up some shit. It's like me Ma always said while gleefully serving me runny eggs on hungover Sunday mornings baaaaack in the day: "you want to play you got to pay." What's even more absurd is the fact that Ma and Pa Clinton are totally acting the role of angry pimp with their full court press on the network to get the guy suspended (busted up!). The whole thing is absurd. Totally, completely absurd... especially considering it's those harpies on The View who started it with their breathy impressions of a Chelsea phone call (that they are now backtracking on bigtime).

Or maybe it's just the corporate candidate getting what she wants from a big corporation. Hmmmm.

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