Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The House of Pain

  • The Campbell saga is over at last. Do I like the deal? Dude got too big for his britches and he had to go- and that's that. We got another big garbageman (in hockey garbageman = good) to park his ass in front of the net and snag goals and a first round pick so it's all good. At least we can't get on with the rest of the season, which is totally hanging in the balance.
  • "Hanging in the balance" is right. These playoff quests can be a total bitch, with every game a must win game. Believe you men, I've totally stocked up on Tums and Prilosec.
  • Tonight we shall have some primo political theater when Zeppelin Hillary crashes into the field in NJ that is Barack Obama. Will we get AAAANGRY Hillary? Junkyard Dog Hillary? Or Hillary the Great Concilliator? It will be interesting.
  • Speaking of interesting, how cool was it that the Oscars were a total TV ratings dud? Not even celebs joyously gussied up for the first time in ages could save the old boy without the full on Hollywood hype machine running in front of it. Oh well.

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