Sunday, February 10, 2008

Please, Just Go Away

Not you people. Heavens no. I'm talking about the Clintons, who are sowing dischord here there and everywhere in their quest for the Democratic nomination. First it was white women versus white and black men, then it was black voters versus white voters, and now the demographics slated for Clinton inspired fracas are black versus hispanic voters. From today's Frank Rich column discussing Hillary's Hallmark Channel informercial Monday night:

But the wholesale substitution of Hispanics for blacks on the Hallmark show
is tainted by a creepy racial back story. Last month a Hispanic pollster employed by the Clinton campaign pitted the two groups against each other by telling The New Yorker that Hispanic voters have “not shown a lot of willingness or affinity to support black candidates.” Mrs. Clinton then seconded the motion by telling Tim Russert in a debate that her pollster was “making a historical statement.”

It wasn’t an accurate statement, historical or otherwise. It was a lie,
and a bigoted lie at that, given that it branded Hispanics, a group as
heterogeneous as any other, as monolithic racists. As the columnist Gregory
Rodriguez pointed out in The Los Angeles Times, all three black members of Congress in that city won in heavily Latino districts; black mayors as various as David Dinkins in New York in the 1980s and Ron Kirk in Dallas in the 1990s received more than 70 percent of the Hispanic vote. The real point of the Clinton campaign’s decision to sow misinformation and racial division, Mr. Rodriguez concluded, was to “undermine one of Obama’s central selling points, that he can build bridges and unite Americans of all types.”

Jebus H. Christmas. I'm having visions of Navy ships being torpedoed left and right.... of Howard Dean playing Battleship! against the Clintons on behalf of the Democratic Party and losing... and it's making me sick. Rovian wedge issues, Bush-style Q&A's, a scorched earth divide and conquer strategy... what's next? What else gets sacrificed for the CLINTON LEGACY?

There is way too much shame in their game. Period.

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