Saturday, February 16, 2008

Cheers and Jeers 2/16

CHEERS: Labatt's is having a big Pond Hockey Tournement in BFLO today. The weather is great, the sky is blue like in a beer commercial, and we're in Hockeytown so you know the hockey is going to be fun.

JEERS: Labatt's is having their big Pond Hockey Tournement opposite a pivotal Sabres game. Good looking out you corporate retards. I mean, that Sabres schedule has only been hanging at my cubicle at work and on my fridge for how many months now? Ah well.... leave it to corporate nimrods to twat up what should've been pure gold and a perfect event.

CHEERS: Jane Fonda dropped the C-Bomb on the Today Show the other day. Hanoi Jane strikes again.

JEERS: Former Fox News anchor Kieran Chetry (sic?), after 10 minutes of breathless coverage of that school shooting in Illinois said something to the effect that "this is the third school shooting in a week" and "we don't know what's going on" as to why this is happening every other day when the answer is totally fucking obvious. The nuts are finally copycating each other (what I have feared for years), and all of this breathless media coverage cannot be helping matters.

CHEERS: Congress is investigating Spygate and Steroidgate.

JEERS: People are actually complaining about Congress investigating Spygate and Steroidgate. Sure there are other more important matters for Congress to weigh in on but Congress is also a big entity, it can have multiple oars in the water simulatneously; and the fact that 2 of our biggest sporting pasttimes are rife with perfidy and foulness demands some action from somebody. Or maybe those people are cool with America going down the drain spiritually, physically, ethically, morally, etc etc. Maybe it's time to enjoy the show.

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