Sunday, February 17, 2008

Ah, Obsessions

I like obsessions.

The Current Obsession List:

MUSIC: Black Mountain, In The Future. Os Mutantes, Live in London 2006. It's all about the psychedelia baby. Also, trolling the web for news on Radiohead tour dates in the US.

TV: How did I get through the writer's strike? British TV. Why? Because it's better than ours. Examples? Later... With Jools Holland is amazing, the best music show around, a calvalcade of music in every episode. Torchwood is heady, gloriously adult fun that gets better and better. And the next series of Top Gear starts in 2 weeks! The gap between original airings in the UK and in the US are getting shorter and shorter, and the Dude is glad (new Doctor Who and Robin Hood in April!). The Daily Show is also back off the boycott list.

DVD: I'm on a mission to catch up on Lost so I'm watching a borrowed season 2 boxed set. The theory is that I'll eventually be caught up in time for the final season so I can properly participate in water cooler dissections.

COMICS: Richard Donner's contribution to the Superman mythos continues to pay off in the monthly Superman comic. Having Clark and Lois adopt the abused son of General Zod and Ursa was a masterstroke, and it's really given the book a genuine emotional resonance. Each new issue of Joss Whedon's Buffy Season 8 also gets devoured with gusto...

Note: no books will be listed on the obsession list. I don't read enough for that. How about I just let you know about what I'm reading after I'm done with it? I'll finish No Country For Old Men eventually.

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