Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Long Week

Folks, we've got a long week ahead of us:

- 3 Sabres games and the trade deadline between now and Saturday. Who knows what's gonna happen? Anybody? Anybody?

- Hillary is going waaaay negative, which means we are in for a long week and a half. A brutal week in fact. It's not hyperbole to suggest that we are going to a dark place, us poor fools in the Democratic Party... a very dark place indeed.

- Even though there's one more week in February and thus one more week of sweeps there's absolutely no television of note this week other than Lost (Tivo) and the new season of Top Gear (also Tivo'd).

- I really hope U2 3D is still up on Friday, when I can finally get out to the OC Regal to see it in digital 3D. You know that damned Hannah Montana movie will be up forever, but U2? At the OC Regal? Probably not.

- I am totally jonesing for next week's Torchwood, featuring Alan Dale (The OC) and the return of Martha Jones, who is doing a few episodes of Torchwood before returning for the second half of Doctor Who's fourth season this spring/ summer. Freema Agyeman was gloriously brilliant as Martha Jones* last season and I'm dying to see how her within the context of the more adult, more hardcore show that is Torchwood.

* What a great blaxploitation name. Martha Jones.

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