Wednesday, February 06, 2008

It's All About Points

Notes on tonight's 3-2 win over New Jersey:

  • What a crucial win. These four points in two nights have propelled us (for now) into a playoff spot. Hot shit.
  • Tallinder put the whammy on Marty B and he deserves the key to the city for putting us over in a shoot out at last.
  • What the hell happened to the fans? I know it's been a couple of weeks but shit people, a little cheering and chanting before the third period would have been nice. Thankfully I'm going Friday night so that won't be a problem.
  • Personally I love these point quests for a playoff spot. Every game... every point... every night is critical. It's fucking brilliant.
  • Kevin Sylvester should not be going to McDonalds.

1 comment:

coolman856 said...

Don't forget that the shitty weather probably kept most of the people away and also we are a little gunshy this year.