Sunday, February 03, 2008

Random Super Bowl Thoughts

  • The HD broadcast of that thing was utterly brilliant. The best advertisement for HD I have seen thus far. Even some of the commercials came in HD. The Russell Crowe thing almost knocked me out of my chair.
  • Jordan Sparks was totally lip sycnhing.
  • Off the top of my head the Coke Commercial with Charlie Brown getting a Coke was awesome (philosophically offensive, but awesome), the one with the talking crab and the talking SUV was great, the first talking baby ad was disgusting while the second ad with the talking baby and the clown was brilliant, and the nipple torture ad was torture period.
  • Tom Petty was awesome. And no teenie bopper guest appearances- just some straight up Petty and the Heartbreakers. Inspiring in it's purity and all around awesomeness.
  • Good triumphed over evil. The Evil Empire was vanquished. That generally doesn't happen all that much in real life, so that makes it even more precious when we get to see it happen on (inter)national television. What a football game.
  • Bill Bellichek is an asshole. Running off the field with one second left. What a wanker. Even his admirers had to admit that that was a mighty lame maneuver. Hell, I was waiting for him to burst into tears during his postgame interview. Oh well. Those are the breaks. That shit sometimes happens to the best of us.. let alone an asshole.

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