Sunday, February 10, 2008

Embrace Soccer

Well folks, the check is in the mail. From yesterday's News article about local efforts to SAVE THE BILLS:

Another problem is that NFL owners have a vested interest in seeing other
teams sold for the highest possible price. Speculation has been rife, before and
since Wednesday’s news conference in Toronto, that the wealthy Toronto
organizers of the Bills games there might be willing to offer $1 billion — or
more — for the Bills.

One billion dollars $$$$$?!? Shit people. That's Doctor Evil money we're talking about now. And bless Congressman Brian Higgins and his funny pants but his plan ain't gonna work either.

Ah well, that's that. The Dude is moving on. I've never been a Bills season ticket holder (too rich for my blood), but seasons for Queen City FC are $40. I'll see you people at All High Stadium this spring.

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