Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show served to remind me just how big the gap is between the universe we live in and the one inhabited by celebrities and super models. Or maybe that gap is totally artificial, a construct of the media and our wacky culture. Either way it served to remind me of that large gap between us and them. This year's theme was "Lingerie for Super People," with many of the "outfits" so ridiculous that they could only be worn succesfully by a hot female superhero or supervillain. At least the new VS commercials were hot, as usual. The pajama one alone... wait a minute... you don't think... ah those crafty bastards. Also, not all of the outifts were ridiculous. Some were actually quite brilliant, so brilliant that this show gets the Tivo green button (until next year's show). At least now I'm in the holiday spirit. You can't help but be all about the holiday spirit after watching the Victoria Secret Fashion Show.

And Prince should take a break from suing his fans and instead sue VS for bogarting his stage design from his Sign O The Times era shows. Or maybe VS was paying homage to the 20 year old masterpiece? I'm sure that's what they'll say in any case in court...

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