Thursday, December 13, 2007

500 Hockey

Folks I gotta say that this 500 hockey being played by the Sabres has been an adjustment... a real crash down to Earth. And I know some wags out there are saying "get over it" or "500 hockey is OK" but you know what? Those wags are full of it. We shoulda had a dynasty or the near equivalent here in BFLO, and the fact that we are back to wandering in the wilderness rankles the hell out of me. It's a long NHL season but man, this up and down business isn't doing my overall mental health any favors.


Brendan said...

I agree - next week and the week after should be great barometers for where this team is really at. I think if we get 9 points from the 19th through New Years Eve, this team has a good chance to climb the playoff ladder and maybe get back to the #4 or #5 seed.

The Dude said...

Brother I like the way you think. If we can tighten our shit up I think the Sabres could be dyn-O-mite down the stretch and into the post season. IF we can tighten up our shit.