Monday, December 31, 2007

The Rest of the Dudes Top Shit of 2007



The Flaming Lips, UFO's at the Zoo. Sensational. Magnificent. A surround sound experience. One of the best live rock DVD's ever.

Runner Up: Led Zeppelin The Song Remains the Same. The DTS mix is hair raising. The Hammer of the Gods. One of my favorite Xmas gifts ever.


  1. Bill Moyers on PBS. The man is the clearest voice on television, covering all of the stuff that truly matters.
  2. Torchwood Season 1 and Doctor Who Season 3. A one two punch of BBC brilliance. BBCAmerica viewers should note that in addition to the second Season of Torchwood airing in January BBCAmerica will also be airing the third season of Doctor Who that very same evening- making Saturday night MUST SEE TV, or MUST DVR TV.
  3. The hour long Offices that kicked off their abbreviated fourth season. At least two of them (I think there were 4) qualify as works of perfect television comedy genius. The Fun Run to fight rabies episode almost gave me a panic attack when I realized that I couldn't stop laughing.


  • I loved the whole YEAR OF IRONIC COMEUPPANCE thing: the entire Spears clan going up in smoke (the perfect coda to the Republican era), the Larry Craig saga, the British soccer team crashing out of the Euro 2008 Qualifiers, and the toxic shit manufactured for our consumption by the Chinese in particular.
  • I think it's great that there will literally be dancing in the streets when Bush leaves office in 2009, based on the fact that 2007 was his most obnoxious year yet and everybody knows it, making the thought of another year of him physically revolting.
  • But we're still choogling along, and there is hope and a sense of possibility in the air, and that is GOOD. The USA ain't dead yet.

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