Sunday, December 02, 2007

And Also Let Me Gush

about the sheer genius of Torchwood creator and Doctor Who executive producer Russell T. Davies and the band of artistic wunderkind (wunderkinds?) who create this stuff for the BBC in Wales. It's become a TV cottage industry, this Doctor Who business, with it's weekly behind the scenes show (Doctor Who Confidential), it's adult spinoff* (Torchwood) and kid's show spinoff (The Sarah Jane Adventures), and even more impressive is the fact that they are all damned good, and they all work as entertaining and compelling TV**. How long they can keep it up is another story, but right now it is all good, and I can't wait for more of all of it.

* and I am talking adult. Cussing, shagging, nudity, it's got it all.

** including the kid's show, which is not available in the US except for YouTube videos that are sadly no longer available. How they get away with having 2 shows for families and 1 totally for adults all in the same overall melieu and written by many of the same writers is beyond me, but it seems to work, and that's all I need to know.

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