Friday, December 07, 2007

Proud to be an American

Ha! Yeah right! No. I'm just playing. I am proud to be an American. In fact I am so proud to be an American that I am right now ashamed to be an American. Where's our patriotic fervor? Why are we not all about Floyd Mayweather, who will be representing our great nation against the English Ricky Hatton (an oik if you ask me) in a transatlantic welterweight donnybrook tomorrow night? I don't care if all the talk is about this Hatton bloke, and yeah that Dancing With The Stars business doesn't help him either, but come on now! We can't have these English running wild on our soil! According to the BBC "national pride is on the line," but I'm having a hard time seeing exactly whose pride in on the line seeing that we're so disinterested. Not getting behind the US team in the World Cup is one thing, but shit people, this is boxing. We should at least be able to get it up for boxing.


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