Saturday, December 01, 2007

Right on Schedule

Come on now people! Did you actually think Rudy, with his batallion of closeted skeletons... did you really think he was a credible candidate for President? Ay yi yi people... all you have to do is actually talk to somebody from NYC about Rudy and see them laugh and nod their heads to know that this guy was off on a halfcocked kamikaze mission, and now that we're a little over a month from the caucaus and primary season we're all gonna find out why, probably every other day judging by the last few days. And we haven't even got to the inevitable constant YouTube videos of Rudy in drag yet!

I'd almost feel sorry for the Rudyites who are starting to realize that they've been wasting their time, but then again they're saps anyways so in the end it's good for them.

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